Sanjay G. Patel, MD, presented “Urinary Markers in NMIBC: What’s New?” during the 3rd Annual International Bladder Cancer Update on January 23, 2019 in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

How to cite: Patel, Sanjay G. “Urinary Markers in NMIBC: What’s New?” January 23, 2019. Accessed Jan 2022.


Urinary Markers in NMIBC: What’s New? – Summary

Sanjay G. Patel, MD, defines challenges in the detection and surveillance of bladder cancer when using FDA-approved biomarkers. He then evaluates newer DNA methylation- , DNA mutations- , and mRNA-based biomarkers and their ability to account for the limitations of traditional markers.


The diagnosis and surveillance of bladder cancer predominantly relies on the use of cystoscopic evaluation in the clinic/operating room setting. However, cystoscopic evaluation has its own limitations, such as operator dependence, invasiveness, and difficulty in adequate bladder evaluation in the context of inflammation, small tumor, or carcinoma in situ. Urinary biomarkers have the potential to further inform diagnosis, risk stratification, and prognostication of patients with bladder cancer.

Traditional FDA-approved available biomarkers also have limitations, namely worse specificity compared to urine cytology, with modest improvement sensitivity. Newer urinary biomarkers rely on DNA methylation, DNA mutations, and mRNA. These show promise, and may better guide clinical decision-making in the diagnosis and surveillance of bladder cancer.

This presentation will review the performance and indications of historically FDA-approved, cell-based and protein-based biomarkers, comparing them to the newer biomarkers for patients with bladder cancer.

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