Thomas J. Polascik, MD, FACS, presented “Updates in Focal Therapy of Prostate Cancer” virtually during the 21st Annual Future Directions in Urology Symposium in August 2020.

How to cite: Polascik, Thomas J. “Updates in Focal Therapy of Prostate Cancer” August 10th, 2020. Accessed Dec 2021.


Thomas J. Polascik, MD, FACS, Professor of Urology at Duke University Medical Center, discusses the effectiveness of focal therapy for prostate cancer as an alternative to radical therapy. He presents a trial that tested vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy (VTP), which resulted in a higher chance for negative biopsy and lower risk of progression at 24 months when compared with active surveillance. Patients who underwent VTP were also less likely to later require radical treatment. Dr. Polascik then highlights another promising form of localized therapy, gold nanoshell-localized photothermal ablation, in which the tumor site is infused with gold nanoshell localized particles that are then activated by a laser. Lastly, he describes the Focal Therapy Society, an international group whose mission is to advance minimally invasive treatments and image-targeted cancer treatments. In addition to promoting focal therapy, the Society creates training and education opportunities, advocates for changes to clinical guidelines, and authors white papers.

About The 2020 Virtual Future Directions in Urology Symposium
The Future Directions in Urology Symposium was founded 21 years ago to reflect on the current state of the urology community and predict trends in the treatment of urology conditions in the following 5-10 years. This conference brings together experts in the field, including urologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, family practice doctors, researchers, and industry leaders to review current trends and prospects. Dr. Polascik presented this lecture during this year’s virtual conference in August 2020.